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SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring is made of Stone Plastic Composite, ideal for every room in the house including Living room, dinning room, kitchens, laundry room, and even full bathrooms, because it is WATERPROOF. Easy drop-lock installation, Limited Lifetime Residential warranty, 10 year Limited Commercial warranty.


We are Direct Manufacturer and we always maintain the best price-quality ratio for our customers, seeking total satisfaction with all our products.

Creative and Innovative Design

Our designs set a global trend so that each space is special

Shipping throughout florida

You can purchase our products through our available channels and we will send it to any part of Florida where our logistics partners have coverage.

High quality product

For Atlantic building source quality is everything, that’s why we guarantee all our products

We have the possibility of manufacturing customized floors

For Atlantic building source quality is everything, that’s why we guarantee all our products

We manufacture, Distribute and Install Flooring

If you’re looking for a beautiful new floor to bring your home to life, you’ve come to the right place. We present you, without a doubt, the best laminate flooring. Why? Because quality flooring is what we do. Our flooring options are elegant, durable, and fit into any space. Besides, we offer you the hightest quality for an amazing price and warranty.

Impact Resistance
Scratch & Scuff Resistance
Environmental Friendly

What is SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring ?

SPC is defined as Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. It means that in its composition it has plastic and stone. That’s why they are considered a better version of luxury vinyl flooring. It consists of 5 layers in its interior. Here are the details:

Wear layer: The top layer of the vinyl floor that is transparent. It is placed to add resistance to stains and scratches. It also gives the floor its durability.

Color films: Underneath the wear layer, you’ll find the top layer of vinyl flooring. It is waterproof and contains the design or color of your floor.

SPC core: The SPC core is what makes it what it is. It is manufactured by combining limestone powder, vinyl, and stabilizers. This makes it a stable and waterproof floor.

Foam or cork: This layer is attached to the core and allows to reduce the sound. It is made of IXPE or EVA foam.