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If you’re looking for a beautiful new floor to breathe life into your home, you’ve come to the right place. We present you, without a doubt, the best laminate flooring. Why? Because quality flooring is what we do. Our flooring options are elegant, durable, and suitable for any space. Besides, we offer you the highest quality at an incredible price, along with a warranty


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What is SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring ?

SPC is defined as Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. This means that in its composition, it contains both plastic and stone, which is why it is considered a superior version of luxury vinyl flooring. It consists of 5 layers in its interior. Here are the details:

Wear layer: This is the top layer of the vinyl floor, which is transparent. It is placed to add resistance against stains and scratches, providing durability to the floor.

Color films: Underneath the wear layer, you’ll find the top layer of vinyl flooring. It is waterproof and features the design or color of your floor.

SPC core:  The SPC core is what defines this type of flooring. It is manufactured by blending limestone powder, vinyl, and stabilizers, resulting in a stable and waterproof floor.

Foam or cork: This layer is attached to the core and serves to reduce sound. It is made of IXPE or EVA foam.


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